Minimize Confusion: Organize Your Staff

Org Chart ScreenShotOne thing no one ever mentioned as I was going through my education to prepare for ministry was org charts.  We talked about a lot of things, but never how to set up the structure of an organization.  Unfortunately, this is a major task of the pastor: to set up the organization called the church.  Although you may not have considered it, organizing your staff will help you and them.

Organization Minimizes Confusion

Although the chart above may seem to create confusion, the truth is that organizing your church’s staff will minimize confusion in your church on three levels.

Less Confusion Among Staff

When your staff is clearly organized, there will be less confusion among the staff.  It will be clear to them who is responsible for what, clearing up confusion over responsibility.  It will be clear to them who is accountable to whom, clearing up confusion over management.  And it will be clearer to them what success looks like for them, clearing up confusion over priorities.  An organized staff will have less time lost wondering what they should do, who should tell them to do it, and what their work should look like.

Less Confusion About Staff

An organized staff also creates less confusion for your congregation about the staff.  When you spell out who is responsible for what, the congregation will understand better who they need to contact about their questions.  They will understand better who is ministering to their families.  They will understand better who is not ministering to them.  And they will understand better who they are accountable to for their discipleship.  Taking the time to organize your staff and publicizing it (through a org chart made public or simply with clear titles) will help your congregation understand your staff better.

Less Confusion Above Staff

Finally, organizing your staff will give you less confusion.  In an organized staff the leadership has a clear understanding on who they are leading, where they need to lead them, and who they need to find to lead.  When the staff is organized, those in management positions have no confusion about who they are managing.  They also understand more clearly what success looks like for each staff member, allowing them to manage them better.  And they will see clearly what holes exist in the organization, allowing them to plan for future staffing more effectively.

It may take some time and energy to do it, but organizing your staff is going to minimize confusion for you, your staff, and your congregation.

What problems have you seen arise with an unorganized staff?


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