Resources for Ministry #1: High Impact Volunteer Ministry

reg_blue-Package-CoverI have spent the last several years working in ministries with high quantities of volunteers.  I have recruited and developed high-caliber volunteers to the point where they are running ministry with little to no staff oversight.  I have been in a ministry with 80% of the congregation volunteering in ministry.

But the High Impact concept by Al Newell is the best resource I have found for working with volunteers.  Al is able to articulate why what I was doing was working.  He is able to articulate why what I was doing was not working.  And he lays out a system of volunteer management that is second to none.

If you are working with volunteers in ministry, this resource will show you how to:

Recruit Volunteers without pulling teeth

Have a Process to Select Volunteers so that you get the best and not just the willing

Say No to Volunteers who don’t fit in your ministry

Think of Volunteers as Partners with you in ministry

Help you develop a Volunteer Management System

High Impact will help you think about your volunteers as partners in the ministry who need places to serve and not consumers of your programs.  It will transform the way you think about volunteers in your ministry.  Check out Newell and Associates and start a new chapter in your volunteer ministry.


What do you think?

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