Hi, I’m Matt McClelland!

I am a former pastor, and now serve with an international non-profit ministry.

This is my personal blog.  All thoughts here are my own.  My hope is to equip the Church by speaking clearly and helpfully on Church Organization and making note of resources I think will benefit the Church.

I post 2-3 days a week on areas such as Church Leadership, Ministry Alignment, Church Systems, Constitutions, and Volunteer Management.

Affiliate links: I use affiliate links with Amazon.com, meaning that I receive a small portion of any purchases you make through Amazon after clicking on my links (try it now). It’s not much cash, but it helps pay the bills. It’s a simple way you can support the work we do.

Copyright: All material on this site is owned by Matt McClelland. While it is available online and by subscription, that does not constitute permission to reprint material. Without permission you are welcome to link to the site or any content or excerpt up to 200 words of content (or not more than 50%, for posts shorter than 200 words), as long as you include a link to the original content. Permission is required for any reposting, reprinting or translation.


What do you think?

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